Monday, June 16, 2014

Quite a day.

We've had David and Helen with us for a sun-drenched week and have enjoyed days out. I'll need to post the photos when I get back next week.

Today was chill and tidy up day ready for going to the UK tomorrow. Everyone is going back...John and Hannah and the twins (along with my best helper Asher), David and Helen and us.

Helen and the twins (and John).

 David and the twins.

 John keeping his hand in with perimeter strimming.

 The worker.

 I decided to jet-wash the entire bread oven. 
The delivery of the sand and gravel last week was quite an event. I'll post the photos and tell the whole story when I get back.

 I need to put these into the shed with the other five.

All tidy and ready for next week.

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