Sunday, June 01, 2014

Every picture tells a story.

We're having a game of 10's, so I'll finish this post later this evening with text and more photos.

Before and after, with the herb circle...all Bev's work.

We went to the tip to get rid of garden waste and came back with these lovely corner stones...just what I need for the chimney.

Both sides level.

Getting ready for John, Hannah, Leah, the twins and Asher.

Two cottages being renovated in the hamlet at the back of us.

Thanks to Scott and Helen for the ice cream.

Kids in bed and time for relaxation in the evening sun.

And I won at tens.

Leah is the new champ at dealing.


  1. You're playing 10's without us. How rude. Everything looks great especially grandma and baby. Have fun.

  2. Guess who won, DeAne? Yes, of course it was me :)