Sunday, June 08, 2014


Bev is on the ball today...Breathing new life to our little tables.

I wasn't allowed to do anything outside until I'd finished some long standing inside the boxing in of the cables in the bedroom. I banked some goodwill by doing more than required and managed to get outside before 5pm. She's crafty, our Bev :)  

I'm using the variable lance and, although it has quite a kick on it, it's not quite powerful enough. The bin bag offers little protection from the dirt.

Introducing our new dirt-blaster.

That's better! I tried it out on a part of the fireplace. What a difference!

One wall completed.

Joint samples...a difficult choice.

Left hand pillar done.

 Who's birthday is it tomorrow, Asher?  (Sunday)

I just managed to get the grass cut front and back to finish off an almost perfect day.

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