Monday, March 03, 2014

Finished the book, but won't see the film, because...

Wonderfully written. An incredible book.

It may have won three Oscars, but here is just one reason why I won't be watching the film...

"His manners are repulsive and course, and his language gives speedy and unequivocal evidence that he has never enjoyed the advantages of an education".

Doesn't that tell you all you need to know about the person? In the film, however, I will doubtless be bombarded with what Solomon had to endure and I'll not to be a slave to that.

Even the most horrific experiences in the book were expressed fully in terms of anguish, hurt, pain and suffering, yet I'm certain the film will be brutal and specific in it's choice of scenes and will be unrelenting and horrific throughout.

There isn't one single swear word in the book, yet it expresses everything perfectly. It doesn't hide from the reality of the situation, and nor do I.

I've read the book, word for word, from the person who was the only eye-witness to the events and I've no real desire to experience the perhaps more sensationalist version... even though my original goal was to read the book then watch the movie.

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  1. The film has had great reviews but I agree with you, the film is probably too gruesome to watch. For me anyway.