Monday, February 24, 2014


I've just finished "The 100-Foot Journey", and before that, "The Book Thief".
So, what do I think of the first two books on my list to read before watching the film...

The Book Thief...
I loved the way this was written...not because of the unusual narrator so much as the originality of the writing. Reading the book was a new and refreshing experience for me.

It didn't concern me that the full horror of what was happening to the Jews in Nazi Germany wasn't a feature...I know critics have been savage regarding this omission, but I really don't need another book or film to shock me back into line... lest I forget. I was happy with the whole focus being centred around the perspective of  a young German girl along with family and friends...albeit through the eyes of 'Death' the ever present narrator, who's articulation gave plenty of indication, to me at least, of the horror of events, merely by mention of his harvest of souls. 

I also appreciated the very short chapters and the reminders and explanations of what was to come in the pages ahead. At first I thought it would spoil the plot...knowing what was to happen before it actually happened, but as it turned out, it added another dimension.

I'm really looking forward to the film. No, really, I am.

The Hundred-Foot Journey...

I never thought a book centred around French haute cuisine would hold my attention for very long, but oh, my goodness, what a treat this book was.  Outstanding!

Admittedly my interest did wane for a few pages towards the end, but I was soon hooked back in and finished the last page with a smile.

The film comes out in August starring Helen Mirren as Madame Mallory and Manish Dayal as Hassan Haji...the Indian boy who makes the 100-foot journey from his families' newly established Indian restaurant situated in the south of France, to a competitor's Michelin 2-star kitchen just across the road. For me, the journey is really from Mumbai to Paris via England, but I guess the real drama is contained within that hundred-foot distance separating Le Saule Pleureur and Maison Mumbai.

The anticipation of watching this movie is palpable. It will be such a treat. I know I'll be in France when it comes out, but I don't want to watch it in French, so I guess I'll be treating myself to the DVD. An early Christmas present :)

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