Sunday, March 16, 2014


So, what's been happening?

We went to Yorkshire to visit John and Hannah and see Harriet and Vivienne blessed. Sadly, I forgot my camera, but the memory burns bright. A stunning place, Yorkshire.

We also enjoyed another couple of trips to Southport for fresh air, food, bowling and browsing, as well as a walk down to the local park.

Oh, and there was an appearance at the Wonka Chorley Chocolate Factory last night...a fun activity at church for the youngsters (and lovers of chocolate). We finished the evening with a game of 10's with Grant and DeAne Bartschi (Bev won). Earlier, Grant and DeAne had invited us for tea...perfect timing as we were flagging after a hard day in the temple. A note about the temple...we'll have been here six months in April (after which we will return to France), and it's been the most rewarding experience of our lives to date. We'll miss it a great deal.

I've also been busy painting, blogging and generally chilling.

Gary at the bar collecting his meal ticket.

A really nice place. We loved the walled garden.

Approaching the main entrance (exit) at the end of our walk. The shadows attracted my attention. It's so nice to walk towards the sun enjoying a chat.

Pretty good, to put faces to names...makes me think more of the kind of people they were and the sacrifices they made.

Quite an impressive entrance.

Another grand entrance...Wonka Chorley Choc Factory.

A paradise for chocolate and sweets. The whole hall was filled with tasty delights and fun activity and not a penny spent.

And all thanks to Mr Wonka, in person. 

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