Monday, March 03, 2014

Today's little treat.

A nice enough day to get out for a walk around Heskin Hall. Although we went with friends, these pics are mostly of other things that struck me for one reason or another.

The first that caught my attention was Heskin Hall itself. The design is peculiar in the sense of its lack of an entrance of note...and the back of the property is positively ugly. I can't imagine why they( whoever they were) would build such a building in preference to what they could have had built.

The horizontal shadows of the trees on gushing water was spell-binding.

He's well into his eighties and is as sprightly as ever...that goes for his wife, too.

It was a pleasure walking alongside this hedge. It's amazing that anything that has been hacked as much as this can still exude beauty.

Penny for your thoughts, Bev.

I loved the perspective here. Nancy and George (centre) just didn't look real. They seem far too small. My eye would have cast them taller, given they are taller than Bev on the bridge.

The photo doesn't really catch it, but those hills were covered with spectacular colour.

This wasn't the first thing we did today and it certainly wasn't the last. Life is so good at the moment.

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