Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Verdict on Preston

The Harris Museum and Art Gallery was really very good. They have a fine collection of paintings.

 Although we never went through this arcade, I was struck with the beauty of the facade.

Avenham Park is situated almost next to the town centre...a really peaceful, secluded and unspoilt park. Can you see the three squirrels in this photo?

Bev climbing down the steps into the Japanese Gardens in Avenham Park. At the bottom we had a very pleasant walk along the River Ribble before climbing back up and into the Town Centre.

Preston is largely a town to forget except for the few places highlighted here. I know I'm in danger of upsetting some people, but I feel life is too short to visit the place twice. If we ever go back it will be to sit quietly in this park and then follow the river path for a long walk in the opposite direction.

The Preston Temple, however (which is situated in Chorley) is magnificent as are the surrounding moors.

Give me a hill to climb in solitude and gaze from it's heights than a 'Bodged'  City Centre that is sprawling and crammed with ugly buildings that choke the life out of the few quality ones.

I'm sure that there are many interesting areas I didn't get to see here, but for now, if the gallery and park didn't belong to Preston, I'd rate the town zero.

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