Saturday, October 05, 2013

Last working day at Bel-Air

 The chocolate bar tree is bearing fruit at last and gave me much needed energy.

 Bathroom visitors have been evicted.

 Trying our stone for the next row...and such a beautiful sunny morning. Who'd have thought we are in October?

 The daff bulbs are in as well as the cornflower, California poppy and other seeds.  We should have a very colourful spring.

Selecting stone for the angled pillar.  You wouldn't believe how heavy that corner piece is. I took this photo into the sun...not good quality.
It's so good to see the chimney taking shape at last.

I was so busy today that I didn't have time to take all the photos I wanted to. I'll upload some tomorrow or early Monday morning before setting off for Honfleur for lunch...and then the ferry back to the UK from Le Havre.

We have absolutely LOVED being here for the past six months. We've had lots of new experiences, met some amazing people and have forged new friendships and, of course, made progress with the bread oven and other areas.

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