Monday, October 14, 2013

Here we go...

We arrived last night after a leisurely drive from our family gathering in Mansfield to find we could not get into our apartment. Incidentally, this is not my photo. I picked it up from Google because I wanted a decent night one...mine was rubbish. We eventually gained access to our apartment an hour after arriving. 
What a week! Carrying out the work on our house in Sunderland was successful despite the terrible weather. We're so glad we managed to get it finished. Our tenants were away, so we hope they like what they come home to. 

The view from our living room and bedroom...beautiful.

 View from our front door.

Our apartment is in the building to the left behind this tree.

 A quick photo of the temple after unloading the car.

 And another...

Our home for the next six months is the other side of the apartment behind the smaller tree.

The doors we'll be using every day.

We David and me) went for a walk in the hills after lunch while the girls did their own thing. The temple is on the horizon in the centre. Beyond the horizon is the sea.

 I must paint this scene.

I must paint this one as well...

and this one.

On my way down.
There's still lots  to do today before we turn in.
Tomorrow we get stuck in.

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