Wednesday, December 09, 2015

We're ready!

Can't believe all our Christmas cards are written and en-route. This has to be a first!

It will be our first Christmas in France.

Our new fire framed with Christmas cheer.

It's a beautiful bright fresh morning, but cosy inside.

Stairs lined with garland and bows...

...which reminds me :

Last night was archery night.  It looks cosy, but the actual archery bit is outside standing under a shelter in case it rains. We've been using bare bow technique, but will progress to my preferred classic style with sights and stabilisers when we are ready. Are you reading this Gary Telford?? I think my draw weight is 35lb for a hunting bow, but I'll be able to confirm in the coming weeks. Let me have a quote if you are still going to make bows. A Telford black beauty would be just fine. Can't wait for Summer and long warm afternoons to indulge in various types of shooting again. The last time was the 1960's.


  1. The house looks very pretty...warm and welcoming too. We, in India, have almost stopped sending cards via post (snail mail) It takes too long inland too and often some don't even reach their destination!
    Now, I've dispensed with this form of greeting completely, becuase sending cards from Chile to India takes two-three month :D
    But I do miss the entire activity of choosing and buying the right card...writing in them and finally gathering addresses - some lost & found - and posting them. I also miss the joy of receiving cards in the mail...not email!

  2. Just realized some ignore :D