Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blog Journal Entry... Bev's Week.

We started the week in Josselin to watch another film.

 I like that I can understand more French these days

Bev getting into Christmas baking. There is a reason for the newspaper wrapped around the tin...but I can't remember what it is.

It's gonna be good!

She also finished her quilt...or whatever it's called. Looks great!

And she even had time to up-cycle a tired shelf, but only after completely redecorating the main bedroom...the whole room!! In TWO days!!

My final commission finished!  Time to get ready for Christmas.

Bev's birthday present arrived from David and Eileen. We can hardly lift it!!  Works perfectly on top of the stove. I love presents that benefit me as well:)

The cards are beginning to arrive for our first Christmas here.

We've already been to Rennes, Josselin and Ploermel shopping this week, but we also took in the incredible atmosphere of Vannes... boats trimmed and flashing, musicians, displays, etc! The streets were crammed with diners taking advantage of the balmy evenings.  I managed to get Bev's present but had difficulty pressing through the crowds to meet up with her again.

On our way to Roche Bernard for an evening concert (an amazing experience), we dropped in at KFC. The concert was excellent as previously stated but KFC isn't what we're used to in the UK. It just isn't the same! How can they call it KFC?

We managed to get to the carol concert at the chapel at St Yve last night. They sang traditional songs from around the world.  We were impressed, although there were one or two 'Marguerite' moments (you'll know what I mean if you saw the film).

Last night was our "Soiree de Talent" and it marked the end of a busy seven days. 

It was a really good evening even though I was one of the acts.

Tonight we have archery in Josselin and tomorrow is our big day!  Nous invitons nos voisins Français pour des apéritifs le mercredi 23 décembre de 18 h. We've invited about 20 French  locals as well as our immediate neighbours for 'nibbles'.  It'll be the first time we've entertained a large group of French people and we are beginning to get a little nervous.

I'm going to have to entice Bev to sit down and watch a movie or something.  She's ironing the settee covers as I type. She hasn't stopped for weeks.

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