Sunday, December 06, 2015

The season of a thousand wasps.

We began the week by going to the cinema in Josselin to see "Margueritte" a French film. We also dropped in to see Rod and picked up the last of the roof tiles we bought from him. He invited us in to see his woodburner but it was a huge gleaming motorbike parked in pride of place in his living room that took our eye. We also found out he was an archer and told us the archery club (that have ignored my emails for a year) was actually still meeting in Josselin, so we checked it out.

Tuesday we tried the archery club out. It was cool! We'll go again next week and get measured up.
Wednesday was our French club meal in Pontivy. I must have had half a dozen plates of food...then the desserts!
Thursday was French.
Friday was gardening time. It was a beautiful day and was warm enough to eat outside...still stuffed from Wednesday, though! We managed to get a lot done.
Saturday we were in Ploermel shopping before dropping off at the tip to get rid of our rubbish.

Our French club Chinese meal.

Our newest grow box...still work to do.

 Leaves are half collected.  I've created this cage so we can have leaf mould next year. There's some grass cuttings in there as I managed to get the lawns cut while it was dry.

The water drains off the roof of the bread oven into this container with the overspill flowing into a second container.  Sorted!

I'll cut the top off this split upturned water butt and empty grass cuttings into it from the back garden.

The studio is ready to use again.

The little window opening (straight ahead) is filled in and all the stonework pointed. The light is fitted and working and the heater has been wired up.  I'm sorted and will be painting in here tomorrow as it's virtually draught proof and spider free.

Our final job was to incinerate about a thousand wasps that had made a nest above our dormer window and had made their way onto our landing to die.  There are thousands still up there.  When I think they are all dead, I'll take the ceiling down and remove them and the nest containing the queen.  I was quoted 200 euros to get rid of them, but saved money knowing they'll die in winter. All I needed to do was leave then in peace and wait. Not looking forward to taking that roof down, though.

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