Sunday, October 18, 2015


Saturday was a chill day. We visited Josselin market, had lunch out and picked up another load of slate from Rod.  The afternoon was spent seeding the back garden and trying to get rid of wasps.

Michael actually dipping into his wallet.

The Guethenoc...where we'll have lunch.  I've just noticed the man sitting down with his friends is the man who is mending our mower.

In Dave and Becky Hadley's shop.

Waiting for the others to arrive for lunch. The place was crammed in just one hour.

Here they come!  

After church today we took a walk around Quiberon and a couple of places on the way back home.
While we were doing this, our 14th grandchild was being born...Eleanor Josie.

So, this is Quiberon, and there's Aimee and Emm getting the best view.


I can understand why it's called the Cote Sauvage. It's beautiful!

Michael taking a break.

 Anything you can do...

I can do better.

It may be 18 degrees but that water is freezing!


Bev and Michel are reminiscing down there while I'm up here with the girls.

Brother and sister rejoin the group.

A late lunch.

And here she is... baby Eleanor Josie Poulton. Well done Juli... and congratulations to you both!

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