Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nice to have Bev back home.

I unwrapped my copy which was delivered to England and brought back to France by Bev yesterday.

I'm on page 87 already.  Fascinating!

My commission is finished and has been picked up, so I'm free!

Time to fill in some more dips

Aimee struggling with the pick-axe.

Emm grabbed the camera again.

After lunch we drove to Vannes for swimming. 

Approaching the pool.

I'm not supposed to take photos, but I positioned myself so I couldn't be seen by the attendant.

Aimee just wouldn't do a summersault...

and Emm just wouldn't dive.

They came down at least fifteen times. This is where I read most of the 87 pages of Serendipity...while Bev showed her brother around Vannes centre.

Jon has just Skyped to say hello and we are in front of a roaring fire, watching The Adjustment Bureau.

It's been a good day.

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