Friday, October 16, 2015

Changes all around.

We spent the day over towards Lorient with Dave and Annie, but things were happening while we were away.

Actually, this photo was from yesterday...changing the shape of the garden...

and this one...

and this... I'm standing on ground that was previously a bank.

And this one of Michael and Bev. There's some lovely colour coming through in the flower bed.

All day long there was noise from Yvon's woods.  We'll have to investigate tomorrow.

The girls played cards last night.

Look what's happening next door. All the old planks are gone and a concrete base has been laid.

When we got back, they'd made good progress. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

It's getting dark but we just had to have a nosy in Yvon's woods. This is the brute that was making the noise yesterday.

Over 300 trees have been cut down.

This section of the woods is unrecognisable.

So much open space. Therese, Marina and Yukki who we passed on the lane are sad to see it all change.

I'd just come down from spraying the wasps nest tonight to find the girls toasting marshmallows.


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