Sunday, September 27, 2015

There goes another September.

Let's start with Bev's birthday.

The petals on the table are real...freshly picked from just outside the door. The rest are plastic (it's the thought that counts). I made her breakfast and propped her mail against a glass of juice before I called her.  Later, Dave and Annie treated us to a Chinese buffet at Pontivy.

We've spent most of the week at LeBono helping to decorate a creperie for friends. It was really hard work with long hours, but it's coming on nicely. All of the orange is gone. It all looks quite classy now. ( pics).  They open next Thursday and there's still a lot to do.

Our helpers for a few hours back at Bel-Air.

Filling the dips.

More tiling...

but I forgot to put the edging strip along the bottom to raise the first row, so off they came. I've capped the top of the chimney to stop rain from getting in during winter.  I knew those big ceramic bathroom tiles would come in handy one day. Not long now before it's all watertight. I'm looking forward to Monday and the whole day spent on the roof.

We had the Jeromes for lunch today (the Creperie owners). After  two hours at the table we were ready for a walk in Yvon's woods. Yvon was there with his wife so we had a really good chat. The kids loved feeding the goldfish and checking out the different mushrooms.  Yvon told us which ones were edible, so the Jeromes picked a few for breakfast. If they're still alive next week, we'll try some :

The week was difficult but enjoyable, and we are pretty tired now.

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