Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of September

Monday was all mine...

... so I took advantage of doing a bit more on the roof.

Tuesday morning, and yet more progress. If the weather holds I would have finished this afternoon.

But we had to dash off to LeBono to do more decorating. 

It's still there just to the left of the photo.

There isn't a single spot that we haven't touched.

Walls, ceilings, panelling, windows, doors, skirting. All painted...two coats.

We ended the evening with a fresh pasta meal provided by Clairline and Benjamin before arriving home just after 11pm.

Bev went back to LeBono today to clean the windows, floors, tables and anything else that needed cleaning before they open tomorrow. I stayed home to finish the roof.

All tiling finished and watertight for winter. Just the facia tiling to do, but that isn't urgent. I've been very lucky to have such glorious weather. It was a joy to do this side as the morning sun is on my back to keep me feeling toasty.

I've left the ladder so I can do the flashing around the stack if the mood takes me. I had to silicone the narrow top bits at the base of the stack (the last one is propped by a narrow tile until it dries).

Lots of tidying up to do.

Now I really must get on with some painting.

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