Sunday, September 20, 2015

A nice week despite the weather.

This is my painting week, but there was still progress on the roof.

The weather was unsettled but I was determined to do something on the roof.

Just look at the size of our molehills! Actually, we are having help here getting rid of that bank of soil. It's handy for filling dips and topping up the flowerbeds.

We took a trip to Leroy-Merlin and bought ridge tiles for the bread oven along with insulation and boards for my temporary studio. I worked on the roof as well as the doorway to my studio... which isn't leaking now. Then I got stuck into painting some commission work.

It's Saturday and the forecast is good, so we drove over to St.Malo for our day out with Dave and Sandra.

We arrived in good time to have lunch, then had an interesting ride on the sightseeing train.

It was a lovely bright and warm afternoon...perfect for a stroll along the harbour...

and beach...

No colour manipulation here.  This is how vibrant the colours were.

and the fortifications.

Then for a walk through the walled city.  I remember painting this scene about 12 years ago.

We were surprised to learn that a lot of it was bombed by the Americans in WW2, thinking the Germans were holed up there...they were elsewhere.  Fortunately they didn't destroy it all.

We visited a number of galleries as well as interesting little shops.

Back onto the wall...

passing some quaint chimney pots..

before making our way down to a little restaurant bar for hot chocolate.

Then to our car parked opposite the harbour, here. The sun is going down and it's been a beautifully long day.
We'll need another visit to take in the things we couldn't fit in this time round.

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