Saturday, May 30, 2015

The last few days...

Scott and Helen and the family went back to the UK today.  It was good having them here for the week.

That stone is maga heavy and the scooters didn't work in transporting it to the front garden. We managed it in the end...dragging it onto the tipping trailer and pushing it.

Digging out all the clumps and filling the area with soil from the back garden mound which is now completely weeded.

Now, that looks a lot better.

Found in our bathroom.

Our roof timber arrives three days late, but he was a really nice chap.
Timber all stacked...thanks for your help Scott.

Bev's first strawberries from our vertical garden.

Today we met in Sene to help the mayor clean up part of the estuary.

These cages are just a few of what we collected.

Sene is on the opposite shore.

We filled a large trailer and stacked a pile of stuff next to it ready to fill the next one. That's the mayor in the white cap above Bev.

Sene's circular stained glass windows are pretty impressive.

Oh yes, we picked some more pallets up yesterday.

One of the cages from Sene. Bev will up-cycle it to make a clotch for her veg.

We fitted new blades on the mower and cut the grass this afternoon.
 Time for a rest before the FA cup final begins.

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