Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lake Guerlédan

The lake was last emptied 35 years ago in order to carry out maintenance work on the dam and I will be positively dead the next time it's emptied, so it was worth the visit.

We went with Philip, Patricia, Dave and Sandra on Friday.

They flooded several locks and houses in this part of the lake.

Don't get too close, Philip! Don't push him, Dave!

They used to mine the slate here. 

The trees are preserved because they are starved of oxygen.

That's our group.

The tree line is where the surface of the lake will be again.

I'm at the bottom. 

ou can see the iron running through the place.

Our guide was a bit nervous as it was his first time, but he was a mine of information which enhanced  the actual visit...  the history is fascinating. 

We didn't time to visit the places with all the photos of the people and their gardens before the flooding, but we'll be back. The Abbaye de Bon Repos is also nearby.  Plenty to see in the area.

The cost of a guided tour is 2 euros 50 and the parking is free.  If you decide to go down without the guide or paying your couple of euros, you'll be removed by the gendarmes.

Your choice! 

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