Saturday, March 21, 2015


Saturday and it's a play day. While Bev recovers from a  hectic few days (or so I thought), I went to Sarzeau to pick mussels for lunch with some of our church friends.

We arrived just as it started to rain.

Although the weather isn't good, there are plenty of people around. The car park was full.

I've never seen so many starfish.

The weather has brightened and the sun is out.

We filled four buckets.

Alain Thizon and Mickael Farigo

This beach is well used.

Ready for lunch.

A dozen of us enjoyed a really good meal. Bread with real butter along with mussels cooked with garlic, thyme and onions. Make that thirteen... Jean-Miguel Farigo is just out of picture.

I arrived home to see that Bev had been busy painting the kitchen. So much for a relaxing morning.

We ended the afternoon by visiting the Calves family then dropped some mussels off for Sophie.  We also left a bag on Pierrick's tractor. He tapped our window in thanks on his way home.

I'm now listening to the Sunderland West Ham game. Dare I hope for a win to end a perfect day?

No, West Ham score with two minutes to go.

C'est la vie!

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