Sunday, March 08, 2015

A chance encounter...

Today is another of those glorious spring-type sunny day gems. It was still misty when we left for church but by the time we left, the birds were singing and the sun was promising  a pleasant companion to a lazy afternoon siesta.

I must mention an incident at church as it was one of those situations that takes you completely by surprise. Marie-Jo was approaching me and, as we greeted one another (as the French do), the swing doors at the side of us did what they do best and swung with a vengeance, knocking Marie-Jo clean off her feet and onto her back on the chapel floor. The combination of the shocked onlookers who froze and the bemused look on Marie-Jo's face was the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

It could have been nasty but it was one of those inexplicable moments that set me off giggling and I could do nothing about it.  Fortunatley MJ felt the same way.

In the afternoon we visited Karen and Hubert and spent a very pleasant hour chewing the cud. From there we visited Trevadoret which is just down the road from us. We've been wanting to visit the place for a while. If we hadn't visited at that particular time we may never have met Roger and Noami, a French couple in their 80's.

These are the things we saw as we were invited into their home with a warm heart and outstretched hand.

Roger (Rowjay)...a former farmer who now creates things since a crippling accident with his tractor ended his working life.
Noami was a little shy to face the camera although very friendly and talkative.

How he disguises his woodstore.

Some of his creations.

I love his hedge and would love to create one just like it. Do you notice the eyes? Now do you see what's on top of the stone to the left?

That's right!  It's someone to welcome you.

He sees things in wood and stone and lets his creative juices flow by combining them with items he has laying around. They don't throw anything away.

I love this oak face.

Stone faced.

Bear faced

Head of the household

Some of the bric-a-brac ready to be used.

The photo of the huge fireplace with its seating arrangement was blurred as were the ceiling hooks that they used to hang the pigs to cure. He now hangs his hats on them.

It was a different world.

Noami's parents lived here and their parents before them. They've never moved.
For us it was a chance encounter that was meant to be and hope to share space with them again because it was a real privilege.

We finished the perfect day by skyping family and friends.

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