Monday, February 09, 2015

The last few days.

I'm really excited about what I'll be doing with pallets this year. 
I managed to get fourteen of them in my small trailer.

It looks a bit run down from this angle, but this is our neighbours place from across the field the other day. I'm looking forward to painting it.

With Simon and Corinne on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

It was a frosty start to the day, but what a glorious day. It was so good to be out and about splitting wood and generally enjoying pottering around in the lovely sunshine.

We managed to sign up for french TV, internet, mobile and landline for the same price as just internet and landline. It means we can keep in touch better while one us is out and about. It also means French TV which is great when you're learning the language.


  1. Always good to read your notes Ken - beautiful and creative.

    Enjoy your stay..

  2. Thanks, Raj. It's good to hear from you.