Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bargain Buy!

We've spent the day with Dave & Annie in Vannes. First we visited Casterama, Leroy Merlin and Emmaus. Next stop was a birthday treat for lunch at an 'eat all you can' Chinese restaurant before returning home for a game of 10's and cutting my birthday cake (a little early, but what the heck!)

Later, we picked Marthe up and drove to a farm in Billio to pick up our 1/4 pig that was slaughtered earlier. It was a great social event. Karen and Hubert were also there to pick up their 1/4 pig. We all sat around the kitchen table after dividing the pig and chatted over aperitifs. It was all very French and totally alien to anything experienced in the UK.

The farmer's wife advised us to hang the sausage overnight before freezing. So, that's exactly what we did...over David and Eileen's shower rail.

We gave Marthe some sausages, but to give you an idea of what a bargain buy it was, we had all of the joints, chops, bacon and bits ( I could hardly lift the crate)...including a kilo of pate all for the price of the sausage if we bought from a butcher. 

We could get used to the French way of doing things:)

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