Thursday, February 12, 2015

La Gacilly

Chill day with Dave and Annie.

The place is full of artisans and will be a great place to visit in Summer.

I LOVED the stonework.

The restaurant we chose for lunch.

It wasn't very busy, but we did have lunch early.

Apparently Yves Rocher comes from La Gacilly.

What do you reckon, David?

This was pretty cool.

We know the owner of this gallery.

Almost missed this.

I took this shot of their workshop from the gallery area. Incredible. The music (English) was blaring and no one was in sight.

It was a great experience.

Drove to Ploermel to visit the Comptoir Des Rue and picked up an absolute bargain for 5 euros which wouldn't fit in the car. I'll show it when I pick it up.

We finished the day by chainsawing one of Dave's tree trunks and worked on one of my goals.

Almost forgot...our decoder arrived this morning which means we can watch French TV (once we get another satellite dish).


  1. Glad to read about the relaxed travels Ken!

    You are there in my book :

    In Search Of...: What's always there...Subtly [Kindle Edition]