Sunday, February 23, 2014

I could get used to this.

Yesterday I woke up to the message on our door with a little present...I suspect it was from the Telfords a few doors down the corridor.

...and then Bev served up a breakfast treat.

We had lunch out.

Incidentally, this is a shot of David's Valentine Tree to Eileen...

Each leaf (one for every year he's known her) is heart-shaped with a message.
This caused me grief with Bev at the time, me being so thoughtful and all :)

Anyway, today we were invited next door to breakfast with the Bartschis, Moffatts and Copes...yes, the decor and furniture are the same in all our apartments (except that table, which was borrowed from downstairs).

It was a great starter.

The main course was traditional American pancakes with 100% pure maple syrup with scrambled eggs containing something delicious, along with sausage, bacon and ham...with second helpings.

The company and conversation matched the breakfast...awesome!

We will have lunch with the Flinns.

There's nothing like eating out.

Life is good.