Monday, November 25, 2013

Rivington Pike

Looks like Bev is ready... 

 With her new boots.

Jon looking happy. 

 Ann, Eileen and Bev doing what all women do...stick together.

All together again.

 I loved this and didn't realise at the time that I caught the reflection of the bridge in the water.

The bridge over troubled waters.

A fellow traveller.

Going up!

I think we should go that way!

Where's Ken?

He's over there!

How much further?

Done it!


Time for lunch.

And a little rest... 

And more rest...

 And more rest. Well, the views were rather good!

Lady Levers had her sewing room up there, while her husband tended to his pigeons.

 On the way down.

Berries, not flowers.

 Such lovely colour.

Such a lovely morning.

Jon and Ann have continued on to Scotland.  It was nice to see them.


  1. Your photos say it all! Beautiful pics, lovely place and everyone seems to be enjoying the outing.

  2. Oh, we do like our little walks, Joy. Why don't you join us next time? :)