Thursday, November 07, 2013


Today I went for an operation on my head. Bev tells me it hadn't anything to do with my brain because  clearly, in her view, I hadn't got one to operate on. It was pretty close to my brain (I think I have one), because I heard the doctor's scalpel scrape against my skull and I felt him pull and tug to get rid of the root that would have formed a cyst.

The amount of blood created by his wrestling almost made me faint.  Fortunately I didn't feel a thing, but now that the anaesthetic has worn off, I feel pretty sore.

As I lay there anticipating the five injections he was about to administer, I asked if I would die today, sensing a bit of humour would take away my anxiety.  "Possibly, but probably not as a result of this operation", he replied. I love a doctor with a sense of humour.  I was concerned with his inclusion of the word 'Probably" and remained anxious.

He kept asking me if I could feel anything, and at one point apologised for putting too much pressure on my head. I gave him permission to carry on, but as a coward, I would scream if I experienced pain.

He told me later that with all the blood and bits, it may look like I've had a major operation, but rest assured that it was a very straightforward and simple operation, but don't get up too fast in case you collapse.

Here we were having a good laugh with what seemed like half my brain swimming in a tray.

Can I drive, I asked, thinking that if I make any sudden movements, I may collapse. "Only if you have a license", he replied.

I liked this team...pity I won't see them again (unless they shop at Aldi).

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  1. Wish you speedy recovery Ken,

    It's certainly comforting to come across medicos with a sense of humour - it helps the recovery process!