Tuesday, November 05, 2013


 We'd already had a busy weekend in Nottingham and a very busy day back here yesterday, but we decided to take advantage of a first trip to  Blackpool illuminations last night. There was a lot of displays, but I didn't have the right setting for the lights. I took the photos from the car and most were blurred.

 This was the tram and it was a lot brighter than this...wrong setting again even though we were walking by this time.

 Having never been to Blackpool before, it was all magical to me...well, as magical as lights can be to an old man like me.

Getting closer to the tower.

 I liked the art for walls stretch of the road.

 The tower at last!

 A different colour...

... and yet another colour combination.

A gigantic outdoor floor area with jokes from just about every comedian who has performed in Blackpool. I liked the Tommy Cooper section best, but I didn't really have time to read everything...it would need a week.

Thanks to David and Eileen for the lift. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Fish & chips back in Chorley topped off the evening.

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