Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My goals...

  1. Landscape back garden.
  2. Have 4 Plein Air expeditions lasting two or three days each outing.
  3. Self-publish a 'DailyPainting' book.
  4. Extend and re-fit bathroom...including a new tank in the loft.
  5. Make 12 videos for Youtube.
We've already demolished the outbuilding and shed in the back garden, cut dead trees down...as well as others, erected, relocated and stocked another shed, replaced old posts and fitted newer fence panels.

I'm really pleased that I haven't over committed myself this year because (as you know) there will always be children, friends and acquaintances to help out...not to mention the odd emergency and the list of jobs waiting for me in France.

We also have unspoken goals...like making certain we have a well balanced lifestyle and maintaining good habits.

Bev has her own personal goals, two of which we are doing together.

We are ready!!


  1. Oh, you are going to 'self publish'! And make You Tube vids. Will be interested to know how you get on with those two projects, seeing as how they are also in my projects folder as well. Sending barrel loads of patience to you to help you with these tasks. Do please keep us up to date via your blog.

  2. Crikey, quite a list.
    And some very major projects. I wish you luck with those, especially the ones that need good weather.

  3. Hi Vera
    I'll keep you posted...and I'll be interested in how your project folder gets on, too.

    Hi Jean
    Not as big as last year, so I feel quite optimistic.
    Can you recommend a good painting spot in Derbyshire?

  4. Good luck with all your projects, Ken! I like that you and Bev are working on some goals together. I think the Daily Planting book is a great idea. Have fun making those YouTube videos too!

  5. Here we go again...take two (the last one didn't post, it seems).
    Thanks, Septembermom. As we usually work together on projects, it makes sense to officially have some joint goals. We are in the garden this morning:)