Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the deep and loving it.

Bev made the right choice in taking photos of Liliya rather than me and the gala...Martin was thrown in free of charge virtue of the fact he was the one holding the baby:)

I was worn out by the end of the evening, but it was a great night (as usual) and well attended.

Well done Martin Cox for whipping up enthusiasm in was all worth it at they ended the evening as overall winners. Thanks also to Nigel and Jan, Sarah, Chris, David, Peter and everyone else that helped us out and made it an event to remember.

Had the pool officials not stopped Bev from taking photos, there'd be more to show. C'est la vie!

Calm before the storm...

 M&L making an early start in the little pool...
 David, Eileen and Bobby...for once, David isn't the baby:)


  1. Lovely photos of the baby. Felt like jumping in the pool myself!

  2. Beautiful baby! I enjoyed the pics...nice to see you on your blog. I have been neglecting mine for a while!

  3. I bet, Vera! You probably don't get to a pool too often with all the demands of a small holding. Yes, Liliya is lovely...but I'm bound to say that:)

    Hi Khushi
    I must admit to neglecting it myself. I seem to have less and less time, but I'm reluctant to abandon it altogether.