Friday, January 06, 2012


I've got that feeling again. You know...the one that you get when you've done something wrong and you know you'll be found out.

Do I come clean straight away and take it on the chin or choose my moment carefully?


  1. Oh dear !!
    There is never a right time in my experience, so better to get it over with asap.
    Depending on what the clanger is that you have dropped it can be a good idea to soften the blow by having a glass of wine, bunch of flowers, replacement item, alternative plans etc, etc, ready and to hand.
    Good luck !!

  2. It's unlikely that you've done something wrong deliberately Ken. We are proud of you

  3. Well this is fun---trying to figure out what Ken could possibly have done wrong. Did you eat all the chocolate in the house? Did you wipe up a paint spill with your wife's heirloom tablecloth? Uh oh. You didn't forget a birthday, did you?

  4. Hi Jean
    I broke the lens of my new camera but Bev was fine (as usual)...I just don't like admitting I've been a twit. All the same, I did help her in the garden...all day and I feel much better. Now, if I'd forgotten her birthday it would be something different:)

    Hi Raj
    No, nothing's just that when you have only had something a short while and it breaks just when you need it most, it's frustrating. All's well's history.

    Hi Randi
    As it happens, I have had a glance or two as the chocolate mountain diminishes.
    Had I been guilty of the other two, I would have had need of a third party to smooth things:)