Friday, September 02, 2011

High life and a rich vein

Having read a bit about Lady Gaga, you can keep her...talented, yes, but I've decided to strike her off my Christmas card list for a whole load of reasons.All that's gold doesn't shine, are words from Dylan that come to mind. Actually,why am I still with Dylan after all these years? Perhaps I'm just picky when it comes to who I spend time with:)
I guess, in her defence, being a celeb has its own set of pressures and rules.

I've tasted the high life this week and felt a bit like a celebrity myself, having been featured in several local newspapers and radio, but you are pretty safe with me...I break no rules and my behaviour is predictably boringly safe...most of the time:)

I'm in Mansfield at the moment and it's 6:30 am. In a little while we'll be setting off for Sunderland to plaster my daughter's bedroom ceiling while she is on holiday. We'll then be attending Craig and Anna's wedding on Saturday before making the journey back to Newark. The biggest disappointment will be missing the Chelsea v Sunderland clash at the Stadium of Light...just minutes from the reception venue. We'll hear the roar of the crowd as we score and poor Craig will have difficulty making himself heard. Okay, we'll be a mile away, but a mile is nothing when 38,000 fans get excited. I'm so looking forward to the wedding, though...and the beach which is facing the reception hotel...and seeing family and friends, and walking barefoot in the sand, and...

Money can't buy what the weekend has in store for me and being poor affords such a rich vein of experience at times. 

I just hope Sunderland beat Chelsea. The reality will probably see us being beaten 3-0 but I'm already working on responding in a positive way:)


  1. Always a pleasure to share few steps with you Ken, as you... "break no rules ..while walking barefoot in the sand, after all..Money can't buy what the weekend has in store....and being poor affords such a rich vein of experience at times". Inspiring as always.

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  3. I'm glad to be on blogging terms with a 'celebrity'....:) You have a priceless weekend to look forward too and I tried to view it through your eyes and stole a few pretty pictures!
    Have a great time my friend who "breaks no rules" and is "predictably, boringly safe"...(a pinch of salt!!) :D

  4. Hope you have a lovely weekend, - I am sure that you will accumulate another lovely load of happy memories.

  5. Oh, you can't leave us hanging like that! We want details about being on the radio and in the newspaper. It's always such an exciting event. And I'm glad to know we can count on the fact that it wasn't because you wore a meat outfit or dressed up as your opposite-sex alter ego. Gaga grows tiresome. I actually like some of her music. She doesn't need to draw our attention in other ways.

    I hope your weekend was splendid. Bare feet in the sand---always so rejuvenating.

  6. Hi Raj
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Khushi
    The weekend was a great success and I was a good boy:)

    Hi Vera
    Yes, there were memories for the taking....and I took 'em ;)

    HI Randi
    Unfortunately it was too hectic to walk barefoot in the sand, although Craig (a lifeguard) kept us waiting at the reception while he took his new bride for a barefoot walk along the beach outside. I wish I'd known.

    The press and radio were all about my challenge to paint every day for a year (excluding weekends). They loved the idea of me producing a book at the end of it. It was a big splash and now the waters are calm :)