Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An off day only if I let it

I admit to knowing nothing about Lady Gaga other than having heard one of her songs today (which I liked).  I heard it said that she enjoys wallowing in loneliness as it's what makes her the artist she is.

I am an artist of sorts, albeit a few thousand leagues below her apparent calibre, and understand a little of the loneliness of the studio and the creative process. Thank goodness for music, radio and regular distraction. I don't think I would cope without modern technology.

Today wasn't a good day.

Imagine how I felt when, after hours of struggle, I dropped today's painting wet side down onto fibre rich carpet. The lady wasn't the only one feeling gaga.

All is well...I just had to scrape off, dust myself down psychologically speaking and start all over again.

They say that it's what life is all about, but I can do without it :)


  1. Ouch! Face down? Confession time--did you swear? If that had happened to me, I might have. Fearsome words like "Grrr" and "Ack!" Sorry you had to start over. :(

  2. I was proud of myself, Randi...not even an ersatz (is that the right spelling) swearword. I can't even remember the last time i swore, it was that long ago. I just scream AAAAAAAAAGGGG!!!

  3. I'm not an artist but I know that "AAAArrrrggghhhh!!" feeling. It usually happens in the kitchen.

    I think it's wonderful you don't swear. The way people swear these days....

  4. What was it about today? I think it must have been the stars or something. Mine was about like yours...

  5. Hi Khushi
    Bad language is a real turn-off for me,although sometimes (rarely) I find it funny and heartwarming...depending on who it is and why they do it. It's usually when someone is totally frustrated and it's out of character.

    Hi Tess
    Sometimes you just can't figure it out and the best thing is to go for a walk then settle down with a good movie along with a few treats. I've watched a lot of movies of late:)