Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How would you feel if you lost your home?

Well, waddya know...the Sunderland v Chelsea game isn't until this weekend because of International fixtures last Saturday. Perhaps it's just as well that I'm out of the country...unless they show it on the ferry.

Anyway, I don't now why I'm speaking of such small things. Yesterday was a disastrous day for the owners of Dailypaintworks.com...the site that hosts and auctions my small paintings.

They just happen to live in Bastrop County in Texas and were just one family of approximately500 that lost their homes to the raging fires. Carol Marine (a fellow artist) gives her reaction along with what they managed to save as they evacuated. She wasn't able to save her larger paintings.

I just can't imagine how I'd feel if my home was burned down. Devastated wouldn't even come close. David and Carol seem unbelievably calm and practical about it all.

'All is well' he says...'We are safe and face a new beginning'.

How positive is that from a man who has just spent the past year building a new studio for his wife, only for it to be destroyed along with everything else.

It's made me think about where everything is, should I need to get them out in an emergency, because fire is something that can strike anytime and anywhere.

If you Google Texas fires, you'll get an indication of how big a disaster it is.


  1. Devastated would be an understatement...Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods...they strike with such wrath. It's wonderful to see David and Carol's strong spirit and attitude at this moment of loss.

  2. Hi Khushi
    Yes, they do have resolve. You must check out their new blog (New beginnings) The link is on Carols latest daily painting blog which can be found on my art blog sidebar.
    Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well with you.