Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm so happy that I felt hungry to paint today.

Here is an oil study from my sunset walk with Juli along Vane Tempest beach last week.

The walk only lasted an hour or so, but was special because we shared the same space; just the two of us for a change...and the two people fishing...and the two canoeists.

The dying rays of the sun seemed to breathe life into everything it touched. Had Juli not insisted we go, I would have missed an unmissable experience.


  1. Beautiful--both the sweet thoughts and the artwork.

  2. I have always marvelled at an artist's ability to recapture images with such detail. I sense so much of movement in your paintings, especially the ones that feature water. At the risk of sounding wonky, I'd like to say that I feel the water.

  3. Ken, you definitely have a gift for painting water - I like your recent sea pictures and also the lake pictures from Yvon's wood. Those photos from your walk with Juli just don't look real - I wish I had been there.

  4. I do love the way in which you paint, Ken, you seem to get such movement into the paintings, which makes them feel alive.Well done you!

  5. These are those special experiences not to be missed ......... and captured not on camera , but so beautifully in oils.

  6. Great painting. I agree with Vera - I love your style.

  7. Hi Randi
    I'm not generally known for sweet thoughts...or beautiful art:) I'll take the compliment though.

    Hi Joy
    Actually, I think you really do need to feel the water for it to work.

    Hi Eileen
    Coming from you, it really is a compliment. Thank you.

    Hi Vera
    Do you know, I can get used to all these compliments.

    Hi GaynorB
    I always find it strange that oil and water don't mix yet I appear to make it work:)

    Hi Jean
    Well, Vera is very agreeable, isn't she?:)