Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks Helen

A photo taken for me by Helen Flinn Cryer a few weeks ago...

It's for our floor to ceiling wardrobe in France. I saw the wardrobe complete with a similar photo in Ikea Nottingham and fell in love with it. It is sold without the image of the Eiffel Tower however, which is why Helen took the photo...several photos actually.

When I'm next in Ikea I'll take a photo of the wardrobe and place it underneath this photo so you will see how cool an idea it is.

Thanks again for such brilliant photos Helen.


  1. Welcome back,I always used to hate the return to the office after break!

  2. Fantastic idea....and super photo. Looking forward to the end results. Welcome back to the bloggyhood!

  3. Welcome back Ken! That's a terrific idea. What a cool image. By the way, I still need to get to that bookstore :)

  4. Glad to see you again and love the idea of the picture on the wardrobes.

    If you still want to see what I'm up to you'll need to change your blogroll to show where I am now

  5. Hi Blu
    Thanks for the welcome back. It's really good to hear from you. Ah! I see you have just posted.

    Hi Willow
    Not my idea or photo but you are right about both. Enjoyed your last two posts...haven't had time to go further.

    Everyone likes it Helen. They recognise talent.

    Hi Kelly
    It's good(ish!) to be back. I thought the store visit might have been to choose a birthday present. You should still go.

    Hi Julie
    I'm already on to it and have read about your interview etc! I just haven't been able to comment yet. Things are hectic to say the least.

  6. Nice to have you back Ken, welcome. Ikea has been a favourite spot for us too - with lots of simple & efficient designs!