Friday, July 24, 2015

Well, would you believe it?

Some time ago we heard of a local couple who played excellent music, but we always managed to miss their concerts. At the Fete de StYves this week we caught up with them, and they were really, really good. The strange thing was that Anne just happened to be the very same person we had met and made friends with some time ago and had no idea that she formed half of the group we had always missed.
What was even stranger was that they had no idea I was a painter and were very surprised to see me as I exhibited at the same venue.

Anne, with her husband Colin. They played in front of a packed Chapel St Yves.

I could have listened to them forever, but had to keep leaving to speak to people at my exhibition which was in the next building.
By the Chapel door stands a 1000 year old yew tree. They measured it's girth as part of the proceedings, but the tape measure wasn't long enough.

John, Steffan and Danny fitting two purlins today.

Yesterday (and today), Bev helped me finish all the rafters.

Hollie showing me her skipping skills.

Board games with their new friends.

Raiding the veg patch.

Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with what's been happening the last few weeks. I'm finding it difficult to keep up to date.

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