Monday, July 13, 2015

Off to the UK tomorrow.

David & Wendy Cuthbert dropped by to see us on Saturday and left this morning around 11am. It was lovely to see them even though they wiped the floor with us at boules.

One life, live it... can't argue with that.

Managed to do a little more but not much.

I forgot to take a photo of the front where there is a little more progress.

The man didn't come with the timber on Friday as agreed.  He didn't come Saturday...or today.

I drove round to confront him and he sheepishly promised a delivery on the 21st...the day after we come back from the UK.

If this is typical of how the French do business, then I fear for their future. 

Ended the evening with a nice meal at Dave and Annie's followed by a game of 10's.

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  1. Just dropped into blog sphere for a few minutes! Haven't been here long enough or often enough to write...Gotta do something about that seriously. As always your photo blog is interesting Ken.