Thursday, April 09, 2015

Will we get that grass cut?

Breakfast on the patio. Oops, it was in fact lunch on the patio.

Our first job was to get rid of the broken freezer and garden rubbish. Unfortunately it was a holiday and it's closed, so we picked petrol up instead (only to find we have a full can in the shed). Is it going to be one of those days?

Well, Danny is enjoying the ride...and he isn't cutting grass yet!

I think Hollie wants a go!

Just look at that concentration!

Not to forget Anna-Belle.

Steering all on her own.

Time to plant the potatoes.

Just thirteen to go!

Ah yes! I forgot Danny who wants to get serious.  I think he's had enough of the ball games and splitting wood.

Away he goes.

I think he likes it!

Time to try and catch a fish or two...


Pine cones are easier to get.

Karen and Hubert called round with the quote for the bread oven timber as Hollie skipped off to bed expecting to read a  book we no longer have. Two of the three were tucked in bed way before Chris and Juli Skyped.  I think Juli Skyped earlier while I was at my French lesson in Cruguel.

Its been quite a day...again.

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