Friday, April 03, 2015

Project number 2 & 3

We're off to the UK tomorrow so I thought I'd bring my pallet projects up to date.

A double composter...

with strawberry planter add-ons. Plus another fence...and gate.

Plus more strawberry planters on the main fence. We've run out of stain but should be able to pick some up when we go back to the UK in a few weeks with the car.
Bev is busy planting. Thanks for the canes, Gary.

The gate (bolt on the other side. It'll look good stained.

The first water container in place. All I need now is a roof on the bread oven so I can get the rainwater.

I took the covers off the bread oven walls today and noticed the frost got to the top few inches of the lime render. Nothing too serious though.

Managed to cut the front garden grass, move my studio back to it's normal place now that the weather is warmer, finished painting the kitchen and repaired a few things.

Ready for a rest!

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