Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Last two weeks of August.

It's been a busy time with the grandkids. I can't believe we've had them for three weeks...and another week in Sunderland. It has been good having them here. We are all on our own again and the peace and quiet is deafening.  Next week we welcome our last visitors to Bel-Air...Peter and Sue. Hope the weather is as nice as this week.

So, here we go...

Lunch at Dave and Annie's place.

The day I caught my very first mole.

A bit of quiet after the adventure playground.

Boules anyone?

Back to the UK.

Jon and Serene's place.

Visiting Grandma.

Sunderland...Hollie dressing up while I start the partition for Juli.

All done.

At Chris and Juli's new business premises.

n the way to Preston.

It was brilliant to visit the temple again.

Some of the temple window glass.

A time for reflection.

Back to Sunderland and the plaster is dry

We were the last on the plane at Leeds Bradford.

Sunrise next morning on the way back from the woods. Therese's place looks lovely in this light. We walk along here every time we need to empty our bin.

Time to relax.

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