Saturday, September 06, 2014

A good week.

We started the week with buying a French registered car. Little did we know that we have to re-register it in our name...costing hundreds of euros, of course. The CT (MOT) was valid until October 2015 (CT's last two years here), but the CT needs to have been done within the last six months when a vehicle is being sold. This meant that we couldn't register it until it had a new CT. Fortunately, the seller has agreed to foot the bill. So the good news is that we'll have a car with a full service history and a two year CT. It's a banger, but what can you expect for around £1000. It's cheaper than registering our Yaris and changing the headlights. Two years buys us time for choosing our next car.

I get a free bike rack as well (it fits on those brackets).

The Parex arrived early so Bev set about making the piping bags.

We chose a more subdued tone as this is different stone to the house.
I'm disappointed with the colour as it dries a lot lighter than we thought. It's a pity it didn't stay the way it looks in the photo. 

Making good progress. I'm enjoying pointing even though the colour isn't quite what was wanted. Perhaps it'll grow on me.

That's one side finished.

And a little bit of the inside.

We also arranged for EDF to come and change the power supply from 12 to 9 kw. They'll come on Tuesday...which is when we should be somewhere else.  I guess it'll all come right in the end.

We also had a game of Boules with friends.

We planned to go to the cinema, but when we arrived in Josselin, they were showing a different film, so we came home and watched Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe, and made popcorn.

Bev's veg is looking good which is more than can be said for the dead bodies next to them.  Trying to protect cabbage is nigh on impossible.

The ditches have been strummed and the garden is looking good.  Rampant colour...

Just what we wanted.

A well deserved rest. Bev preparing her primary class.

It's been a good week, the downside being losing at 10's (a card game lasting several hours) to Dave and Annie when they invited us over for a meal.

The upside was finally booking the ferry for our Christmas visit to the UK.

Oops, did I mention Christmas already?

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