Friday, July 11, 2014

The best news of all...

Oh, what a week of elation, pride and disappointment in sport. It's a wonder I managed to get any work done.
I've been in my studio painting, as well as building up the stone wall (front and back garden) and filling it with soil. I've also been strimming and grass cutting, pruning and doing tip runs. I'm loving the combination of being outdoors and indoors. I just wish the sieving of the soil wasn't so time consuming.

After our French class we walked round with Karen to her veg plot for some produce before dropping off to see Dave and Annie.

Skyped family...including David and Eileen, who brought us up to date with all the news.

Can't believe the week is almost up and I still haven't done my talk for church on Sunday.

Believe me, it wasn't like this a week ago.

It's not bad considering it was thrown together with stone just lying around.  All shapes and sizes.

Look who dropped in to help out with the sieving of soil?

The sisters!  The small stones into the green container, the wood bits and weeds to the rubbish section, the slate into the bucket and the soil into the the wheelbarrow and then to the heap. It's a thankless task, but the mountain is slowly being moved. They worked really hard and loved doing it...and we really appreciated their help.

After lunch entertainment...superb!

Ready for the of three visits.

Each heap of soil is the work of a toad.  Bev did a great job of making it all good.

That's not all she's made good...

She also planted more stuff in the front and back borders.  What a woman!

The best news of all was Sophie agreeing to sell the outbuilding and part of her barn sometime in the future.

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