Saturday, August 24, 2013

Working on the Bread Oven

I had to pull out all the loose stone, rake out the joints and brush it all down and level the ground before I could start building. They do say that I enjoy knocking things down, but it isn't strictly true, and I'd much rather do other things than clear ground...especially when it's full of roots and rubble.

Anyway, today was the enjoyable bit...building.  I only stopped to Skype and also check out the football results.

Hours and hours of back-breaking work, with all the soil heaped around the side to cover the tree stumps...long way to go yet.

The idea is to hide all the horrible rubble that was at the back of the building and help support the stone work above. I originally planned to use really rough stone and render over it, but decided against it in the end.

Once this retaining wall is finished, I can do the apex, knowing that it won't collapse.

I'll be laying just one row a day next week as I'll be painting most of the day, and hopefully the wall will be finished up to the stone sticking-out bits, by Saturday.

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