Friday, August 30, 2013

Le Comptoir Des Rues and Bread Oven...

At the back of the Croix Rouge in Ploermel there is a fascinating little place called Le Comptoir Des Rues. We dropped in while we were in the area to see what we could find.

This little jar to house our pens...
 This little trowel to clean out the concrete mixer...
 And this glass cake stand...all for just over three euros.
After a lengthy stay under the parasols having a hot chocolate in Josselin (which also included a walk up to the top of the church steeple) and welcoming Martin and Colette back home, there wasn't much time left to work on the bread oven.
Hopefully this section at the back will be completed tomorrow.

The priority though is to paint and if I finish the painting in time, I get to play out.

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