Thursday, December 09, 2010

Strong (week) dreams.

I've been busy chasing my dreams this week and in the process I've had a few.

Last night, my daughter was trying to kill me. As much as I tried to hide, she'd find me. Fortunately, a youngster just happened to be passing the willow tree that I was being dragged from and, as casual as you like, pulled a gun that was tucked in his belt, pointed it at Juli and asked her to stop. In the confusion, I made another get-away and the youngster went on his way eating a sandwich. She kept turning up though and I kept escaping by the skin of my teeth. I'm tired of running! What have I done (or about to do)? Whatever it is, I'm sorry for past, present or future, Juli!

I'm so glad she lives over 100 miles away.

JS Bach gate-crashed my subconscious and invaded my life around 2:00am on Tuesday and was as real as real can be...even realer!! He was a she, young and wacky. She confided in me the secret of of her youth. Eating grass! She had a mouth crammed full of  the most succulent green shoots and could hardly speak without it all falling all over the pillow. I didn't really feel like chewing the cud. I needed sleep.

I'm going to resist taking a peak at 'Interpretation of Dreams', a book that remains unloved and unused by me on one of our shelves...I'll consult Bev instead cos I know she's read it. For good measure she'll probably tie it in with what my stars have said for the week.

It's only a dream...there's no Hahn in it :)
My other dreams (in waking hours)...sorting out my art website and moving closer to being a starving artist.


  1. So you were taking refuge in a willow tree? Hmm.

  2. You're a very interesting, aspiring, starving artist :) Hilary's music was heavenly. I've been dreaming fantastically crazy dreams lately too. I wonder if I should start writing them down.

  3. Dreams can be real nightmares at times! Have you been eating too much cheese? I think you're right not to analyse them but writing about them makes for excellent reading. Hope Septembermom takes note!

  4. Hi Tess
    Guilty, but still alive. I feel like weeping, willow.

    Like Valerie says...go for it, Kelly! I hope they aren't stopping you from a good solid sleep.

    Hi Valerie
    Tell me about it! Actually, I have had a run on cheese lately. Are the two connected?

  5. So you've had a run on cheese... well, it may be an old wives tale but I distinctly remember my grandmother forbidding my aunts, uncles and me from eating cheese in the evening. Cheese gives you bad dreams, she'd say. There could indeed be a connection.

  6. Ah dreams! Sometimes I have dreams which are from my own self, and I can analyse what bits of the dream come from which experience I have had. I am in awe of the way in which my mind pastes together a story from the jigsaw like pieces in my mental archives. Fascinating! Wishing you many happy hours with your painting project. It's good to have a creative interest in life. Good for the soul. Also ensures interesting dreams!

  7. Ken, thank you for sharing this. I had a terribly odd dream some days back and it perturbed me for a while (I've got rid of the feeling now)I thought I was losing know going bonkers! aren't bonkers yet are you..?? :))) Sorry, just kidding.

  8. Hi, just catching up with your blog and enjoying your posts. Love the snowy photos, we really didnt get much snow at this end of Bretagne (close to Normandie), most of it was in the middle, where they got about 9 inches. Lucky you getting crazy dreams, I just don't sleep that well! Best wishes Blu

  9. what wacky dreams! Eating cheese before sleep could make them even more 'interesting'.

  10. Hi Valerie
    There must be some truth in it. I've continued with my cheese fad and the weird dreams continue.

    Hi Vera
    If I can't make sense of what's happening in day-time, I shouldn't be surprised about not making sense of what happens after I close my eyes.

    Joy..actually, I am bonkers (according to my mother in law.)

    Hi Blu
    You are fortunate to escape the worst of the snow. We are about to get a second dose here in Notts. As I type, the snow falls.
    I would never cope without a fair bit of sleep. Sorry to hear you aren't as lucky as me.

    Hi Phil
    So I'm finding out. I think I'd better give the stuff a rest.

  11. ps, I meant to go back and re-read your post about your injection. I missed what the problem was. The meal looked delicious btw.