Saturday, December 04, 2010

Because it's unusual

I've decided to show a picture of the stuff, seeing as it's so unusual for this time of year.

We've had an extra 5" since ...and one snowball fight.

Bev phoned me at 6:45am as she crossed the field to remind me to wear wellies. Later, she told me that she wrote 'I love you' in the snow but I was too busy taking photos to see it when I crossed an hour later (I wonder if that's it on the right?) I looked back after I crossed the field to the realisation that I don't walk in straight lines.
Rox, Kirsty, Leigh and Tara checking out the internet while I pretend to work. It's lovely and warm inside.
Snowing again next morning...
On Thursday I decided to walk to town along the river (and over that foot bridge to walk along the other side). People I met are so friendly and happy even though it's absolutely freezing.
The castle grounds looked nice. My fingers were now virtually frostbitten trying to carry art materials back from town.
All snow has been cleared in the market square now...

Bev is in town right now with her mother while I take the sensible option of eating chocolate, blogging and generally keeping cosy.

I think she is expecting me to insulate the outside tap. I'd better do that before she gets back...she'll be so impressed.


  1. I don't walk in straight lines either :) Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland!

  2. Here in supposedly snowy New England we await our first flake of the season. I am all envy, viewing your wonderful photos.

  3. I don't like the snow one little bit but have to agree that it's beautiful to look at. It's disappearing here but the roads and footpaths are like skating rinks. I love the idea of leaving 'I love you' messages in the snow.

  4. Hi Septembermom
    I'm a nightmare on the sidewalk.
    It's a pleasure to share the photos and I'm glad you like them.

    Hi Robert
    Right now, I wish it was all with you instead of here. As you well know, it's nice for the first few hours only. Thanks for taking time to drop by.

    Hi Valerie
    It rained in the night and temperatures dropped. Now the paths are treacherous.
    Bev was disappointed when I didn't notice it. Yes, it was a lovely thought.

  5. Beautiful! I know it's most out of the ordinary for you, but standard winter for us. I woke up to a two inch blanket of snow this morning.

    Wonderful photos.

  6. How beautiful your town looks! We don't get snow where I live so I loved it more. Thanks for putting up these pictures.

  7. Better to wake up to it than wrapped in it, Tess.

    Hi Joy
    It's a pleasure.