Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bye Bye October

Today is Sunday and the weather is glorious. Even Sunderland losing 6-2 won't put a dampener on things.

It was the same last week, although Sunderland did win. We spend so much time out front that we ought to bring the table and chairs round from the patio.

Monday was rainy, so we went to see how the tree-felling was progressing.

Looks like the they are organised.  All the trees are cut and categorised now.

We insulated and boarded the winter studio during the week as the weather wasn't too good.  We also completely tidied the shed...a BIG job!

We picked up the new part for the mower and Martin came to help me fit it. It still doesn't work, even though the new part needed replacing anyway. 

Sandwiched between working on the bread oven Halloween at Le Bono.

There was a magician, a fire juggler and live music with our meal.  Clarline and Benjamin were perfect hosts.

Everyone starting to come in for their meal as the music gets going. As it happens, it was so busy that a lot had to eat outside.

So, here we are. It won't be long before everything is finished for the winter. The front facia is now slated.

A bit closer.

Closer still.

The gaps are now filled and pointed...

along with the front pillars.

Just the top showpiece bit of slate to fit.

Bev covering her beds for winter with Sophie's manure.

Okay, make that Sophie's horses' manure. Another two barrow-loads, please!

The walnuts are still dropping.

I love the colour of these leaves. This was less than 6" tall when we planted it, and the silver birch (far right) was even shorter when it was decapitated two years ago.

Well, here we are on the first of November and the car registered 22 degrees when we got in it to drive Gary home.

Surely it can't last another week, can it?

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